Dear reader, let me shortly introduce myself. My name is Matthew (that time 29yo) and so far I live in Prague, Czech Republic. My job position is called Head of IT or “CTO” in international B2B/B2C logistics company. 

In my so far 13 years long career I worked as a Software Development Engineer, Team Leader, Project Manager, Solution Architect, IT Consultant but also as a Co-Funder of two startups and enjoyed the role of CEO or Business Development Manager as well. All of these positions shaped me in various ways. I like that.

Despite all the mentioned positions I am still very technical thinking guy. There is almost not a day I don’t write at least several lines of source code. Including weekends and sometime also holidays. Even I am trying to be in touch with all the new technologies, languages and features I feel I am still missing a lot. The technology is developing so fast!

Mark’s A Year of Books inspired me. I would like to make a schedule and learn something new every week. Due I am generally a web oriented person it would be from a family of web technologies or generally IT area. It can be a new framework (Angular, Meteor, Ionic), new library/tool (RequireJS), new feature (bower, gulp), etc. I know, you say: “why to learn a lot of things just partly?”. Well, in my position I need to have a good overview of the IT industry. And I believe it’s good to be in touch with all the great things popping up. When I will start a new project I will be smarter and will be able to try some of the technologies I have learned in real.

Once a month I would like to use some of the new things I have learned on some new small-scale weekend project, but this is still matter of thinking.

This article I wrote as a self-motivation for myself. When it is public, it is hard to hang around. And maybe it will be an inspiration for others. If there will be interest, I will track what technologies I tried or what new I have learned.

So, let’s the education begin!

Ps: Because not only IT makes my life rich and complete I will enrich my knowledge of world also with some picked (TED, etc.) speeches I will find from my area of interests (science, universe, psychology, humanity). One speech per week, at least.

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