Unsubscribe from newsletter – make it easy

This is a common problem. Sooner or later, almost every e-commerce site will start collecting emails form accident visitors and building email database of potential customers. Of course, also emails from acquisited customers will serve for the same purpose.

For now, let aside what and how often send newsletters to subscribers.

When somebody decided to give you his email, its a good will. Dont make him feel bad about that. Also time to time happens, that user changes his mind and want to unsubscribe.

There are several bad practices, how to do not solve this issue. I think, you are familiar with them:

  • To unsubscribe reply to this email with “XYZ” in subject.
  • To unsubscribe login to xyz.com and disable newsletter in settings page.
  • To unsubscribe you need to click on each newsletter type you want to disable.

Well, the good way is described like this:

Make unsubscription from newsletter as easy as click on SPAM button.

Why? Users are bored with uninteresting emails filling their mailboxes. When subscriber decide to not receiving your emails anymore, he want to do this quickly, without any complication. Every extra step means user will rather click on Spam button – because its easy one click&second action. And you really dont want this.

Every click on Spam button may lead to a lot of another (potential) customers will not receive your newsletter. It means potential lost profit.

So, before you will think up strategy, how to make the unsubscribe process as complicated as possible – to dont let the user go – think twice, if it will not lead to lost more potential customers.